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My Story


I wish I could say I fly around the world as an exotic spice trader, venturing into the bustling marketplaces of remote villages procuring rare herbs and exotic spices, 
but that's just not how this works.

I'm a wife, working mom, dog lover, and avid cook. I live a block from historic Route 66, across the street from a corn field. Like so many, the COVID pandemic forced me to be home where I was cooking

more than usual.

During this quietude, amidst the repetition of the endless days at home, I shifted my mindset from resenting my tiny kitchen, to becoming proud of the meals I created for my family.

For decades, I have been pre-mixing spice blends to make meal prep a bit faster. I realized that others may also benefit from these blends and, just like that, Sassy Mama Spice Factory was born. 

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