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  • Rag'nCajun


    Use to taste, to give your jambalayas, meats, soups and stews a Cajun smack! 


    Also makes an amazing Bloody Mary rim!


    Instant Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta:

    16 oz Farfalle (bowtie) pasta**

    4 c water

    3 t SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning, divided

    2 t crushed garlic

    1 Tablespoon olive oil


    2 uncooked, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced

    1 cup sliced baby Bella or white mushrooms, sliced


    2 Tablespoon prepared pasta sauce or diced tomatoes

    1/2 c shredded parmesan cheese

    1/4 c plain Greek yogurt or sour cream


    Additional SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning to taste



    Add 1 teaspoon SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning, pasta, water (see NOTE), garlic and oil to the Instant Pot liner.  Stir to coat. 

    NOTE:  If you only have a 12 ounce box of pasta, adjust the water to 3 cups.  Good rule of thumb for pasta in the Instant Pot is 1 cup of water per 3 ounces of pasta.  


    Sprinkle diced chicken over the pasta layer, sprinkle 1 teaspoon SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning evenly over chicken.  Do not stir.


    Sprinkle raw sliced mushrooms over the chicken layer and sprinkle 1 teaspoon SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning evenly over mushrooms.  Do not stir.


    Set IP to high pressure for 6 min (see NOTE below) You can start the machine once you start layering things into the pot to speed the process of coming to pressure.


    Place lid (ensure seal is set to sealing).


    NOTE: Cooking time of 6 min is based on cooking the farfalle for 50 % of the lowest package time recommendation (12-14 min).  If you use a different pasta shape, use a 50% lowest cook time measurement for your pasta as long as it will cook for at least 6 min so the chicken will cook thru.  Do not use a pasta that will cook faster as it will get overcooked and the chicken will be undercooked.


    Once cooking cycle is complete, quick-release the pressure. 

    Gently stir ingredients. Add the pasta sauce, parmesan, Greek yogurt.  Stir. 

    Sprinkle additional SMSF Rag'nCajun seasoning to taste or serve the seasoning at the table for people to adjust to their taste.  Serve with additional parmesan cheese.